Ministry Teams

Each team has its own purpose and mission statements that seek to exemplify and coincide with His Vineyard’s corporate vision for effective ministry.

Purpose: the Nursery Team exists to create a nourishing environment for His Vineyard’s infants and toddlers. It is our goal to show and teach the love of Jesus to each child, so they can later come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To provide a loving, safe environment for His Vineyard’s infants and toddlers
To build lasting relationships with our infants and toddlers at a young age, to familiarize them with our workers and programs

Ideal Member:

  • At least 16 years of age

  • Loves infants and toddlers

  • Patient with infants and toddlers

  • Flexible

Purpose: the Kids Vineyard team exists to create a nourishing environment for His Vineyard’s children. It is our goal to instill a passion for worship in our children, to teach them to serve with a cheerful heart, and to lead them to a salvation experience (upon individual readiness)..


To provide a loving and safe environment for the children of His Vineyard
To teach the Bible weekly, through applicable lessons
To build relationships with our children, so that each one feels comfortable and connected to the workers teaching weekly

Ideal Member:

  • Actively and daily involved in a relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Loves school-age children

  • Willing to interact with and instruct children

  • Passionate

Purpose: C.H.A.O.S. exists primarily to love and minister unconditionally to the youth God has placed in our community. We seek to minister to and instruct our youth in view of the Great Commission.


To intentionally, purposefully develop leadership and discipleship skills in our youth

Ideal Member:

  • Possesses a desire and willingness to serve our youth

  • Actively pursues a daily relationship with Jesus Christ

Purpose: it is the desire of the Worship Team to be used of the Lord to sing His praises, to minister under the power of the Holy Spirit, and to witness His touch and change in the lives of those to whom we minister. Our effective worship leading will help create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit of God is free to move and work in the heart and lives of all people, including our own.


To lead the congregation of His Vineyard into the Holy of Holies, through the gift of praise and worship If praise is declaring what God has done, is doing, or will do, then worship is To declare who God is while applying His precepts to our lives

Ideal Member:

  • Has a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ

  • Committed to growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, through prayer, Bible study, and participation in corporate worship

  • Lives a life worthy of the calling of Christ, setting an example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.

  • Demonstrates appropriate musical or technical ability that contributes to the mission and purpose of the Worship Team

  • Leads others by living a consistent, Spirit-filled life

  • Intentionally seeks opportunities to disciple others in the area of praise and worship by building Christ-centered relationships


Pastor Allen Elder is a native of Greer, SC. He grew up in the Greer and Duncan area. He has served Southern Baptist Churches in South Carolina for 30 years. He is a graduate of James F. Byrnes High School, Spartanburg Community College, and Newburgh Bible College. Allen is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He has a passion for training church leaders as pastors, deacons, and as faithful church members. His single-minded focus is the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Allen and Connie met in the tenth grade at Byrnes High School in 1976. They were married in 1985. Connie is employed with District Five Schools where she works in the computer lab at Berry Shoals Intermediate School. She has also coached girls sports within the district. They are the parents of three sons, Trey, Blake, and Scott. Their home is in Startex, SC.