12 in 12 is the God-given mandate that His Vineyard Church be actively and extremely intentionally involved in other churches over a span of twelve years. This began two years ago when we saw the Lord supernaturally retire our debt of $1.3 million dollars.

Immediately we knew that to whom much is given, much is also required.” Our commitment to either start, sustain or strengthen 12 churches in 12 years is right on track. All praise to the Risen Lamb!

We have a one year partnership with West Brownsville Baptist Church as they serve immigrants coming into the USA on the southern border. With the slowdown of immigrants coming in due to the Coronavirus, they are also serving the homeless in the city.

Photos of Pastor Carlos Navarro at West Brownsville Baptist Church. While the flow of immigrants all but stopped during the pandemic, they ministered to the homeless in the city with food and other items. They shared the gospel and led some to Christ. This effort is supported by funds from His Vineyard.   


Keith Kelly was born in SC. Whether ministering to local non-churched families and individuals or riding around as a law enforcement chaplain, Pastor Keith absolutely loves having the opportunity to serve God in Greer. Keith is careful to give all glory and honor to God. After all, as he says, “it’s all about Jesus anyway!”

While His Vineyard’s ministerial reach is far, he loves being a husband, Dad and Pops more than anything in the world.